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There was a gentleman living in a small village who had a stomach disorder that required him to drink the milk of a nursing mother.Well, there weren't too many women in the village nursing babies and even fewer who would agree to allow a grown ma
Author's note:After over two years and countless weeks of working on this series I am both glad and sad to see it conclude. I would like to thank everyone who joined myself and the Fletcher family on this journey. Thanks to all those who read the
I first met Olivia after Cindy and I had been dating for almost a year.Cindy was very protective of her after having had bad luck with different men that she dated in the past. She did not want Olivia becoming attached to anyone and then having to suf
Chapter 7CONTROLLING ERICAThe aphrodisiac pills were torture.Laura's body had barely finished dealing with the ones she had taken that morning; another dose already was insufferable.By the time she had finished her walk to the Mayim Clinic her pa
EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIME by Slippery Saddle BumBestiality, Domination/submission, Male / Females, Rape, Virginity, EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIMEWritten by Slippery Saddle BumThis is my first time writing a story like this one. Im doing it because a lady

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