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Id been trying to bring bondage into our relationship for a few months.As a little girl, Id always enjoyed games that involved tying each other up, be it cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, whatever.Id evolved into somewhat of a switch, finding alm
Thank you to all of my dear fans for your support and patience! I have disabled comments for my other stories because of repeated ads, although I will leave the comments for this story open for two weeks (until December 9th, 2014) and possibly longer.
Chapter 10THE WEEKENDClaire had a fitful sleep.She woke up several times to find herself orgasming, and the voice in her ear saying, I like to be hurt.Claire likes her tits hurt.I like my training tape.Claire is a slut, but she soon fell unconscious a
A SPECIAL BONDLong Weekend at the Lake___________________________________This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy.It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you l
Sex is a part of the normal day to day life in our family. For 18 years I have waited to have my first fuck with a man. All my life I have known about and witnessed my parents enjoy their sexual habits openly and without shame. My mother and father ha

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