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I jerked awake as the sounds of the village were starting to die down. Again a little disorientated I looked around for a moment wondering where in the world I was. Then everything came rushing back as I was suddenly feeling depressed. Even all the sk
Juno had been thinking for well over an hour about the problem at hand. As he remembered the council had called him to their land, world or dimension whatever it was decades ago. He and his Jinn had been chosen to aid the Ever Last Master when he appe
I am mid thirties, tall, slim, large breasts, short brown hair. I manage an office of giddy sexually inexperienced young girls. They drive me mad, not only their attitude to work but their attitude to sex. They shag any boy they find, they giggle and
Horror stories show that the control we believe we have is merely an illusion.-Clive Barker***Herb looked at the house and whistled as he got out of the car. Are you sure this womans not a real witch? he said. Who else would live here?Herbs wife shush
MENTORING BRANDON By BobChapter 15: A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 1As we came closer to my house I started to stammer. Brandon knew me well enough to know that I had something I needed to tell him. He asked me a couple of times what I wanted to say.

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