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Story contains raping, humiliation and degradation of female characters. Read at your own risk. If you do not like this particular genre, please don't read it and then dislike it for being too disturbing for your taste. You have been warned. Plea
Author's note : I apologize for the long hiatus of this series. I was having quite some trouble trying to figure out how to continue the story while trying to keep things realistic. For those of you who have commented on my previous post, I thank
I knew I had to do something about the fact that my twin-sister, Tara, lost her virginity and was getting laid on a regular basis. The fact that I was totally in love with my sister and always had been just made it a lot harder. To me there was no mor
Papaw Nooooo...please go away, as he wrapped his arms around my body from behind me. But that’s not what he did.His hand always tracked directly to my pussy while he held me still across my shoulder with his other.I could feel his hard cock betw
Shit, I guess it's funny. Most rape victims say they feel numb, helpless after their attack. Not me. Granted, I don't remember walking home-taking a shower or falling asleep. But besides that, my reaction is pretty fucked up. I don't th

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