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George Ramer had already had three daughters take top placement in three previous Festivals, and had built a successful business coaching other fathers in the finer points of preparing their own daughters for their big night. His services included exe
Writers Note’s: Hey all just to let everyone know the anonymous comments are turn off. If you want to comment PM me. I am sorry for the inconvenience for this action. I am also sorry that I posted Chapter 1 of the next story after A Family Betra
Christmas EveA man is about to jump off London Bridge when he hears a voice behind him. It's Santa Claus. "Why do this? It's Christmas Eve?" Santa says. "Because I've lost my job, " the man answered, " my wife h
DISCLAIMER!!!All characters, settings, and storyline are a work of pure fiction and fantasy.This is a long story divided into ten chapters.This is the sequel to “The 2300 Gathering” written and published in 2018.>>>>>>>
WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you read the disclosures and warnings at the beginning

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