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Hello! Thank you for clicking on this story. A few notes:As you might have guessed from the title, this is not the first entry in this series. For those looking for a quick wank, this series may not be for you, as there will also be quite a bit of sto
*Click*I woke to the sound of my cabin door closing. I looked over and saw that the bed was empty and lay there slightly embarrassed that the last thing Keiko saw was a passed out old man with his flaccid dick (impressive as it might still be). A bit
One evening, Mike went over to his friend's house to play cards with Terry and some other friends. Mike sat directly across from Terry's wife Susan. When Mike dropped a playing card on the floor and bent down to pick it up, he looked across
Robin and Mary Part 2Dons phone rang about 9:30am. After the exhausting night he had spent with Robin, he had managed a short nap after the great titty-fuck she gave him that Saturday morning, right after she sent her husband (Jake) off to work for th
To many of my friends it is not too difficult to imagine that very soon sex with mom will be just another normal aspects of relationships between an adult son and a caring mother. My story is an example of one such nurturing mother-son relationship. A

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