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(Hey gang, the very popular Bully Revenge series is back!Jordynn just cannot seem to learn her lesson, so Johnathan is going to have to teach her the humiliating hard way, so give it a read, and enjoy!ALL COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS ENCOURAGED!)The tires
It’s been a weird couple of weeks since Father’s Day. My family has been coming together supporting one another. There has been a few other changes which have caught my eyes...Simone and Vanessa. Both have well been flirting with me, and s
This foreign man is sitting in a bar and notices two lovely women across the way. He calls the bartender over and in a thick accent and somewhat broken English says, ”I like to buy those ladies drinks.” The bartender replies, “It won
By: StormHeraldChapter 7 I danced most of the night, only taking a break for water or fresh air with the three Lycans. They passed me to each other, and Damien stepped in only twice more before they monopolized me entirely. It was after midnight when
End of part one.I was making my way between classes when Ms Giles asked if the offer of going to the cinema was still on.I arrived early at the cinema and as time passed it looked like Ms Giles had stood me up then l was approached by a girl dressed i

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