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It's been almost a week since Kelly had had sex with her stepson and daughter. Kelly kept going back to the image of Tim's huge dick, and how full she had felt with his dick deep inside of her. Her pussy tingled every time she thought about
Chapter 1 Meeting A Long Lost Friend and a Couple New Ones (The Bright Side)Main Character DeionsHa Na(JCs wife) - 54 130 lbs, olive colored skin, below shoulder length straight black hair, brown eyes, 34C breasts with small areolas, brown nipples and
It is time to do a comparison between two things treasured by men,beer and pussy...A beer is always wet.A pussy needs encouragement.Advantage: Beer.A beer tastes horrible served hot.A pussy tastes better served hot.Advantage: Pussy.Having an ice cold
Chapter 1Sitting across from the three guys on the couch, Tegan fidgeted anxiously as they skimmed over the application. Brandon, the slim, tall, dark one on the left, rolled his shoulders and looked at her and shook his head "we're trying n
A CASH SHORTFALLI have a terrible gambling addiction. I have been through therapy several times, but once again I have lost everything. This time it is bad, really bad. Making things even worse, over time I have become an expert at hiding my financial

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