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Robbie, that was my name. It will be the last thing you know in this world. The last thing you will know before you satisfy my thirst. Perhaps I should tell you how I got here, my life story if you will. To begin like David Copperfield, I was born in
Beach Bitch 2Note - thanks to all for the positive feedback.This is a bi-sexual violent story, it involves semi non-consensual sex in public between guys.There is forced sex between Bi-Curious men, and later rough sex between a male and a female.Pleas
AriaI wasn’t supposed to be working that night.As usual, I was nice and took one of my coworker’s shift; I didn’t have a life outside of this place anyways.More money for me and less I would have to worry about later for my one-bedro
Futa's Naughty Scented CandlesChapter Five: Futa's Gangbang MomBy mypenname3000Copyright 2020Note: Thanks to my FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!Mary SmithI quivered as I rode shotgun in Mrs. Meyer's car. This night was amazing. I w
Chapter 1Mary Desmond was sixteen and hot to fuck. She straightened as she stepped from the shower. The warm air felt wonderful upon her naked teenaged body. The shower would help her look fresh for the act she would be doing on stage.She was sharing

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