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A CASH SHORTFALLI have a terrible gambling addiction. I have been through therapy several times, but once again I have lost everything. This time it is bad, really bad. Making things even worse, over time I have become an expert at hiding my financial
Mike was a 23 year old, tall, athletic joiner who’s hobby was restoring classic cars.He became tempted by an old Light house on the south west coast of England which was going up for sale by auction.Being the only person at the auction who was w
I had admired Danielle for quite some time. We had been in class together for almost a year now, talked on occasion, but never much more than that. She couldn't have stood much taller than 5'3'', and couldn't have weighed more
(If you have not read parts 1 & 2, it would help the continuity to do so, however I will give a short introduction below.)INTRODUCTIONMy wife and I had taken a vacation of 7 to 9 days at a lake cabin for the last 20 years. After last year’s
[Sorry for the delay between stories. I've been busy and debating which way to take the story. As always, I love to hear your thoughts, and ladies please e-mail me to chat about my work or anything naughty. Anybody can e-mail me to talk about my

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