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My eyes hurt from staring at the small screen all night, but I couldn'tbring myself to look away. I had been watching porn for what felt like ages, stroking myself to women on the internet doing unimaginable things to one another. I felt like a s
**co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf**Richard Sullivan, an old Librarian. A quiet old scholar who spends his twilight years puttering around the towns dusty old library, sorting and filing endless volumes of forgotten lore; a thick and
Episode 8: Cheat CodeThe next day, Zack took a trip down to the library, but he didn't go inside. Instead, he sat on a bench outside the library. He had a book in his hands, but he wasn't reading; it was merely to keep people from bugging hi
I Confessed to my Young PriestThen he Confessed to meA story of youthful confessions and more by Phyllis and RogerPhyllisroger Introduction:I was a nubile and sexy young womana Baptistmy close friend, Becky, invited me to attend her Catholic Churchshe
Seducing My New Neighbor, Part II(Surprise!My neighbors girlfriend)By PhyllisRogerMy initial fears and reservations about my new neighbor, Vanessa, had been answered months ago as sheovercame her initial taboos about such things and willingly yielded

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